Minimalism Life

We're all driven by an endless sense of expectation and intrigue. We dream to make something of ourselves and that should never dissipate. Dare to create the space needed to birth new dreams as you work steadily towards them.

Designer Ana Degenaar, creator of Blog Milk, recently wrote a book that aims to give you ideas that you might not have had until now. 30 Days To Minimal Blogging is an interactive, digital, and focused 30-day journey to a stunningly more mindful blogging experience. Presented in 6 powerhouse sections, this guide gets to the heart of what you need—from how to create balance in your blogging career to monetizing your blog. The drive behind it all is getting more done while doing less—and adding a world more of meaning to your blogging endeavors.

The book features hands-on worksheets in every chapter that will provoke you to think, spur you to action and draw out your creative mission. Then there are the timely interviews with big influencers in the Minimalism and Mindfulness world.

Without bringing new standards based on mindfulness and minimalism in your life's repertoire, it's mighty difficult to even phantom achieving any type of control and awareness in the future. The presence of these in your new life and career are priceless. Not only do they afford you more freedom, they also allow you to accomplish something deeper and more meaningful on a daily basis.

Minimalism is an art in and of itself: it opens up the paradoxical experience of having and doing less while gaining more. And although that is often easier said than done, minimalism is far from a radical lifestyle. It's main purpose is to allow you to be the master of the things you posses and to be able to only acquire that which is of function and which positively impacts you. That's why the common way to explain minimalism is through the principle of Less is More—because we often find the true use and the true meaning of things through less. Cut the superfluous and see the essence—see the value.

In terms of blogging, it's about finding perspective. Asking yourself the right questions. Why am I blogging? What do I want to create? Who do I want to be? Where do I want to go with it? How will this journey make me feel? This is day one.

Additionally, The Minimalists have also written a fantastic guide to starting a successful blog in 2017, which includes very simple step-by-step instructions that will add a lot of value to you.