Minimalism Life

It has been quite a while since I learned about minimalism and its core ideal: “less is more.” As a hypersensitive person who hates mess in the house and can't function properly if the house is cluttered, a minimalist approach has moved me. The obvious reason is its remarkable way of organizing possessions in the home in a de-cluttered, less complicated manner. However, the hidden reasons are far more amazing.

As I started to renovate my home with minimalist interiors, I noticed surprising, both obvious and hidden, changes in my life. First, the decluttered visuals of my home (thanks to the highly functional furniture minimalist interior deisgn uses) fascinated me. I have more free time to relax and read. I don’t have to dust and sort all the time around the home. It calms my mind and I feel more in control of my surrounding.

Moreover, I have started to “shop mindfully”, as I call it. I have become more aware of my needs. I once read that, when you purchase things, you don’t become an owner of them, you become their slave. It is true that our gadgets, products, and other items that may seem “necessary” might just be there in our homes because of the subminimal message of consumerism that social media conveys to us. This is why minimalism is protective; it advocates that less is truly more.

While these changes may seem insignificant, they are impactful. I believe that, in a fast-paced world where we are pushed into a rat race of competition and accumulation of stuff, minimalism is saving us. Because when you start on this journey, you become mindful and contented. You don’t worry anymore that someone could outrun you. And that’s why minimalism is a mindful journey!