Minimalism Life

What does your minimal morning look like? Mine ...

It starts at 8:44 the night before. Bedtime. Sleep comes easy after a day well spent.

Mornings, up before the kids stir, is my kind of heaven. Even better if I have a loaf of sourdough to bake, which I do today. A house filled with the aroma of fresh coffee and bread, again my kind of heaven.

With said coffee in hand, I like to sit in my spot. It's winter here in Australia, an unusually wet and cold season. I sit with a blanket, not so much for warmth but for comfort, front seat for the magic morning show.

I can hear the kids stirring, but I am not making a peep, so I know this moment will pass. It isn’t about cherishing it, more relishing in it, no rush, no thoughts or plans, just enjoying this moment and the magic as I get a first-class seat at the spectacular light show.

Lasting only a few minutes, it is enough to put perspective on the day ahead and set the tone for a day well spent. I’ve won the day already—with this magical minimal morning.