Minimalism Life

As far as home life goes, minimalism and hygge are two of the most popular lifestyles in recent years. While they may seem to work against one another at times, these two ways of life can actually work simultaneously to set your mind at ease and lend some style to your space. This is especially true in your bedroom.
Living a minimalist life at home means getting rid of unnecessary items and clutter. You appreciate the items you have without indulging in excess. Hygge is all about finding happiness through comfort. With hygge, you are surrounding yourself with the things that you find the most cozy in order to evoke a sense of contentment.
Making these lifestyles work harmoniously comes through understanding where they overlap, because they are really not as different as they seem. Combining the two, especially in the bedroom, can help you be more mindful and relaxed. Now let’s look at ways you can implement minimalist hygge in your bedroom to get the maximum benefit from both.

Seek Coziness Sparingly

When you think about the soft and cozy items you use in your bedroom, you should also consider what you’re using most often. How many blankets do you really need in your bedroom? Whether you have a favorite or one that is used more often than others, keep that and get rid of the others. This way you’re utilizing what you have to find comfort, without the excess blanket clutter. Instead of throwing away the blankets you use the least, or putting them into storage to take up space, consider donating them to your local animal shelter. You can also add coziness to your bedroom by incorporating rugs or carpet. Instead of having multiple rugs placed throughout your room, include one fun and fuzzy shag area. This will help add coziness while cutting back on the sporadic placement of multiple rugs.

Critically Look at Your Bed

Your bed is the best place to look for ways to find comfort and to cut back on excess. When thinking about comfort, you need to start with a good base. Ensure you have a comfortable and supportive mattress so you can get the best night’s sleep possible. From there, make sure you’re outfitting your bed with the right number and type of accessories. Make sure your bedding is helping and not hurting you. A thick comforter for a hot sleeper isn’t the best combination. Knowing how you feel at night and shopping accordingly will help you buy exactly what you need, instead of the resulting extras from trial and error. You should also think about the number of pillows you’re putting on your bed. While throw pillows are nice, they aren’t the most necessary item. Cut down the number of pillows you have to what you need and find most comfortable.

Stick to a Theme

Having a vision for your bedroom can help ensure you’re only including the essentials. There is a whole new level of comfort in the peace of a minimalist space. There are plenty of bedroom styles and themes that you can draw inspiration from. Find the one that speaks to you and your personality the most. Sticking to one theme will ensure that you aren’t shopping outside the box and collecting random items. It will also mean that you love and find comfort in everything you’re putting in your space. After all, your bedroom is the most personal space and can really say a lot about you.
By keeping these tips in mind, you can bring the principles of minimalism and hygge together in your space. They both work to ease your mind and help you become a happier version of yourself. Making your bedroom a more simple place that prioritizes comfort will undoubtedly give you a refreshed place to relax and reset.