Minimalism Life

You’ve probably heard the classic minimalist line: once we begin to pare down our physical items, we’ll be able to make room for the things in our life that typically get pushed to the side. When I began my minimalist journey and started focusing on the minor details in life, I noticed that my food tasted better, colors looked brighter, and smells were more pungent.

Since I’ve begun to slow down and live intentionally, I’ve found that spending time in my minimal and clean apartment is a vital portion of my day. If things are unorderly, items aren’t where they belong, or the scent is off, it can throw my attitude and motivation off its course.

Scent is the most persuasive and memory-provoking sense that humans have. This world is surrounded by clutter—both tangible and intangible. Though we may not realize it, our world is also cluttered with so many scents that it begins to become ‘white-noise’. Once we are able to track and pinpoint one specific smell, it can bring many memories back for us.

For me, nostalgia hits the hardest when a certain smell is conjured up. Freshly brewed coffee brings me back to sitting on the porch with my dog in the crisp, autumn morning air. Gas stations remind me of road trips with my dad when I was a child, winding through the countryside in a beat-up Toyota Corolla. As someone who is building a slower and more thoughtful life, I try to take in the emotion that runs through me with every aroma I tune into—especially in my home where I can control the atmosphere. More often than not, I keep my apartment filled with calming lavender or lemon essential oil diffusing on my coffee table.

Many friends and family members have also boarded the train of diffusing oils to keep their space smelling calming and clean, but the biggest hurdle we have needed to jump is finding the right diffuser. Diffusers can be tricky—they need to fit the aesthetic of your home, they can’t be too big and bulky attracting negative attention, and, of course, they must be able to diffuse scents evenly throughout your home.

This is where a brand like Air Aroma come into play. Their sleek and stunning products take the confusion out of the decision. By implementing a slow, methodical, and intentional approach to creating their products, their sleek and stunning diffuser designs match the ambiance you wish to create in your space.

The minimal physical structure allows the diffusers to blend well with any décor theme while taking up little space. With whisper silent operation and adjustable scent output, you can have a sweetly smelling space with little effort. With a sophisticated cone-shaped design as well as a handful of scents to compliment it, Air/Aroma’s Aromax diffuser helps you create the environment that you want to achieve without needing to use harsh chemicals or speak over a loud diffuser.

As an eco-conscious family founded and owned business, sustainability is imperative to the company’s practice. Their products are built to last, with diffusers consisting mainly of durable aluminum, which is the only material that is infinitely recyclable. Furthermore, all of Air Aroma’s fragrance bottles and cartridges are 100% recyclable, as they are made of PET and PP. The fragrances themselves are created from natural and whole essential oils so you are not bringing unnecessarily harmful chemicals into your serene environment. Combine the long-lasting materials with high quality fragrances, and you’ll have a scent solution to transform your space.

Whether the intention is to revive, soothe, or energize, you can trust that Air Aroma will work beautifully in your space to help you create the atmosphere you desire.

This article was made in collaboration with Air Aroma