Minimalism Life

Water is essential to our existence. Fruits and vegetables rely on water to grow. Animals drink water to live.

Water can also do a lot of damage.


When something is watered down, it becomes diluted, weaker, and less impactful.

The same principle applies when I’m not intentional with my resources.

A post full of dull sentences drowns out the profound ones.
A closet full of clothes we dislike buries the clothes we enjoy.
A house full of clutter hides the beautiful possessions.
A life full of stress obscures the peace and stillness underneath.

As The Minimalists wrote, “If everything is precious, then nothing is precious.”

Curation is the catalyst to beauty. Intentionality is the path to a meaningful life.

Yet minimalism doesn’t require us to travel down the road of spartanism and pursue excessive decluttering. Water is necessary to life, as is stuff.

The key is to curate the things that resonate most at this stage of life. There is no set list—you get to decide. Make minimalism work for you.

Instead of watering down your life, start enjoying it with deliberate intention. May your life become richer and less watered down because of it. After all, life is too short to be diluted.