Minimalism Life

It is okay to do nothing.

We get so caught up in the world of hyperconnectivity, social anxiety, and fear of missing out that we lose sight of ourselves. We are social beings so we judge our actions based on the actions of others. We critique our character based on people we haven’t met and probably never will.

Our lives are an accumulation of every moment that got us to this point, and the rest of our lives will be based on the actions we take each moment going forward. We must take time to look back on the successes, failures, relationships, and self-care habits that we have cultivated. We must look at the people around us and use their wisdom and experience to obtain the life that we want and to avoid the life we don’t.

Take time to be silent. Be with yourself. Clear out the noise. It is then that you will realize what is truly meant for you. The breakthrough you are hoping for may not happen right away. Just know that satori (enlightenment) is on the other side of reflection.

Be patient and give yourself space to breathe, think, and grow. If not, you will be caught in a vicious feedback loop of meaningless information that will dictate your life.

Be still. Be you.