Minimalism Life

To me, water and knowledge share similar characteristics.

Just as we need to have water for basic survival, we need to have knowledge for the grounding of our identity.

Just as a stream uses water to produce ecological wonders, we use knowledge to produce our own wonderful ventures through the creative process of exploration.

Just as a river uses water to spread itself through multiple channels in the formation of a delta, we use knowledge to spark and fuel the many mediums that drive us to stay curious, learn more, do more, and most importantly, be more.

The intake of new knowledge is powerful, however, just like the flow of water, it is also delicate. For if left alone to collect, we can easily drown in knowledge that has become mere information.

An overload of information is something that occurs when the stream of our mental rivers become too strong for our own good. What was once a deliberate and balanced river of knowledge becomes a bogged-down wetland of information.

One of the few ways to stop this from happening is by controlling our mental floodgates. We can establish clearly what we find to be essential… and filter out the rest.

When we control our floodgates, we become the drivers of our mental vessels, not the victims of a system we ourselves created.

Make rivers, not swamps.