Minimalism Life

In this journey to simplify, take one area at a time and learn how to peel away the excess to discover the joy of less. However in doing so, don’t get caught up in the steps and definitions. For example, how many shirts should I own in order to become a minimalist? Can a family really consider themselves minimalist when kids toys enter the house? Should I get rid of everything and never buy anything again?

Anything taken to the extreme can be complicated. And simplicity is no exception.

Simplifying touches on so many aspects of our lives. Perhaps your life is physically cluttered. The junk in your car is piling up, the house is filled with unused items, and the closet is overflowing. Or maybe you need freedom and clarity in other areas. For instance, consider how debt ties you down, unhealthy relationships cause stress, and distractions pull you from what is really important.

Identifying what adds value

Consider minimalism as a lens in which to view the world. When we train ourselves to see the things that matter, it will become easy to identify what is truly of value. The point is to create the clarity and simplicity in life in order to put first things first. And then corresponding with this, the things that need to be cleared away will also become more apparent. Find the clarity to pinpoint the excess, and therefore move to de-clutter the burdens and the superfluous.

With practice and patience, new habits can be created. These new ‘minimalist habits’ will seem like small steps, but will change the way we live. Learn to put down the impulse buy at the store and walk out with only the necessary. Turn off the distractions in order to spend time with loved ones. Stop boasting about busyness, and instead soak in the peace of a quiet moment and recognize the beauty in silence. Each of these habits makes a move closer to consistently putting people ahead of things.

Remember what is important because that is where we find the wonderful simplicity of minimalism.

Remember to keep simplicity… simple.