Minimalism Life

After introducing you to the cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Auckland, Tokyo and Berlin, this month's 'fourweeksgood' feature capital is Antwerp. Known worldwide as the diamond city, Antwerp is not only an important business center in Europe, but also a great stop for travelers exploring Belgium, as it contains many attractions that will engage and inspire those who take the time to discover them. Our highlight goes on the outskirts of Antwerp, featuring Kanaal, a 180,500-square-foot enclave with three art galleries, an auditorium, an organic food market, and a French bakery on the banks of the Albert Canal, some 8 miles east of the historic heart of the city. Belgian tastemaker and art dealer Axel Vervoordt inaugurated the space in November 2017 together with a Gallery which currently hosts three exhibitions, including works by the Korean conceptualist Chung Chang-Sup (14.04.2018 - 02.06.2018). For those of you who are planning a trip Belgium, make sure not to miss a visit to this enchanted space a few steps away from Antwerp.

'fourweeksgood' is a series of travel videos created by freelance creative Seraina Silja and Experience Designer Simon Ammann.