Minimalism Life

Following the cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Auckland and Tokyo this month's 'fourweeksgood' feature hits Berlin. A city that has reinvented itself over the years, transitioning from a gritty and divided capital to an artsy one. A trip to Berlin attracts both sophisticated fun-lovers and voracious culture vultures, with a great balance between cultural treasures and exciting modern attractions. One of our favorites is certainly the Bauhaus School, where the modern design concept of form follows function was developed. Founded in Weimer in 1919, by Walter Gropius, the school embraced modern technology and the use of machinery to mass produce appealing and practical products. By uniting arts and craftsmanship with technology, Bauhaus became the most influential educational establishment in the fields of architecture, art, and design. For those of you who are looking for calmness in Berlin, we strongly suggest experiencing The Liquidrom. A nude sauna situated in the centre of the city with unique architecture, which was developed on the basis of a circus tent.

You can read the full article 'The Bauhaus School: Founders of Modernism' in our Journal.

'fourweeksgood' is a series of travel videos created by freelance creative Seraina Silja and Experience Designer Simon Ammann.