Minimalism Life

After introducing you to the cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Auckland, Tokyo, Berlin, Antwerp and Melbourne, this month's 'fourweeksgood' feature moves to Hungary. Once upon a time, two separate Hungarian cities—Buda and Pest—straddled the Danube River. Today, with more than a 1,000 years of history and a complex ethnic background, the two have grown together to form Hungary's cosmopolitan yet charming capital—Budapest. Filled with plenty of picturesque backdrops, Budapest is the city that could very well offer you some of the most beautiful spots to take remarkable photos.

A minimalist’s dream, the Heroes Square is a humongous landmark with plenty of space for you to expand your creativity in taking some gorgeous and creative shots. The Chain Bridge is most beautiful while illuminated at night. The various spots along the bridge are simply excellent for some artistic nighttime insta-shots. Another unmissable place is the Fisherman's Bastion: this minimalist-looking terrace is filled with a beautiful white background to work with. To top it off, you’ll get panoramic views of the city from the various lookouts and viewing platforms. If you want to experience a more contemporary feature to the city, you'll have to have go underground and experience Line 4 of the subway, which is a stunning piece of architecture. Budapest is a big cultural city with gorgeous backdrops that exude a lot of flair and character. Be it cafés, second-hand fashion stores, pubs, monuments and statues or the random streets. Time to pack a camera and explore this city!

'fourweeksgood' is a series of travel videos created by freelance creative Seraina Silja and Experience Designer Simon Ammann.