Minimalism Life

Following the cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Auckland, Tokyo, Berlin, Antwerp, Melbourne and Budapest, this month's 'fourweeksgood' feature hits Copenhagen, the final one of this travel series for our Journal. Split by lakes and surrounded by sea, an energetic and hip waterside vibe permeates this Danish city, one of Europe’s most user-friendly (and trendy) capitals. It’s welcoming and compact, with a centre largely given over to pedestrians and cyclists. There’s an emphasis on café culture and museums by day, and a live music, bar and club scene by night.

If you're planning a trip to Denmark and looking for the most minimalist accommodation, opt for STAY. Located in Islands Brygge, this is an impressive and different concept that provides a great escape from the madding crowds. STAY Copenhagen is a residential building and the large stylish monochrome loft apartments on offer are one of the best bets in the city accommodation-wise if you don't want to be surrounded by tourist traps, and you're looking for some of that minimalist Scandinavian design. While visiting the city, make sure to also plan a stop at Den Blå Planet, Northern Europe’s largest aquarium with more than 20,000 animals and seven million liters of water. If you would like to admire some creative landmarks, head to Copenhagen’s Superkilen: a green space, a public square and a recreational area all in one. As part of a larger urban redevelopment plan, the park was designed to celebrate diversity. To do so, they decorated it with different objects inspired from over 50 nationalities which make up the neighborhood. Europe is already a brilliant conglomeration of different cultures and this park seems to embody this very notion. Definitely worth a stroll.

'fourweeksgood' is a series of travel videos created by freelance creative Seraina Silja and Experience Designer Simon Ammann.