Minimalism Life

Following the cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Auckland, Tokyo, Berlin, and Antwerp, this month's 'fourweeksgood' feature hits the second-most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Melbourne is an artistic powerhouse with a vibrant and multicultural soul. Nicknamed “Paris of the southern hemisphere” Melbourne is not only known to be Australia’s cultural hot-spot, but is also famous for its major sporting events and its culinary delights from all across the world. If you're into minimalism in architecture we invite you to visit the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, which comprises a minimalist iron superstructure. This art gallery is one of the newer established galleries in the city. When you visit ACCA, you’ll enter a creative and innovative environment that features excellent architecture, themed sculptures, and a unique rust-red building. In fact, this building has become one of the most significant establishments in Melbourne’s Art Precinct. Visitors often come here to explore the modern architecture of this distinctive steel building. Only 15 minutes away from ACCA there is also another minimalist spot, the Kettle Black Cafe, on Albert Road—one of Melbourne's best hits for gourmet breakfast, lunch, and brunch fare.

'fourweeksgood' is a series of travel videos created by freelance creative Seraina Silja and Experience Designer Simon Ammann.