Minimalism Life

For over two years now, I’ve been unlearning our society’s consumeristic ways and uncovering that in life which matters most.

Through adopting a minimalist lifestyle, I’ve been creating the space to gain internal clarity on the things in life that bring me the greatest joy.

By removing the non-essential from my life and learning to manage society’s materialistic influences and insistent noise, I’ve been building a stronger sense of self and feeling a greater sense of purpose in my every day.

Arguably, we are all in search of meaning; to feel useful and productive—to feel our labors and challenges are worth something.

Many of us are easily coerced by consumeristic channels to seek fulfillment by means of expending our resources on the things we don’t need. This lifestyle is helping me become clear on the real virtues that are lost in our society—connection and contribution.

By managing life’s excess and refocusing my attention on contribution over consumption, I’ve gained time for self-reflection, time to connect with family and friends, and time to give back and influence others.

Minimalism is the great reset I needed. I can now go out in the world in a clearer state to develop and deliver my highest contribution.

Today I work to inspire others to follow.