Minimalism Life

Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays. On it goes. The rallying and persuasive call to separate us from our hard-earned money.

But the gifts that matter most cannot be found in sales. They often cannot be found in the shops.

The gifts that matter most are bigger. They are broader. They are deeper. They are more meaningful.

If we want to give our loved ones gifts that count, we can give them the gift of:

  • our presence
  • our full attention
  • our understanding
  • listening without judgement
  • our humor
  • our gratitude
  • our perspective and insight on a problem they are struggling with
  • a helping hand
  • our love

None of these gifts fit neatly under a tree, nor do they need to. They are gifts we can give at any time of the year. But perhaps this time of year is when someone around us needs them most.

Yes, it's nice to open something wrapped at this time of year. But, if we are honest, what we want and need most will be found outside of those parcels.

The "perfect" gifts are often the ones straight from the heart that show someone cares.