Minimalism Life

I officially started my minimalism journey four years ago . . . almost to the day, to be exact. After watching Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things at the end of 2016, I realized my innate beliefs and values had a name. I found my tribe. 
I have always gravitated towards simplicity, a clean space, and an orderly existence. But after connecting with the film, I began my journey of truly exploring all the flavors of this lifestyle and unpacking the why behind it. 
There’s no one formula for this way of life, and as I continue discover and grow, I leave space for fluidity and change. The first few years of embracing minimalism gave me an opportunity to examine all the things I was consuming and holding on to. The “stuff” part was easy. Letting go of tangible items, memorabilia, trinkets, clothing, books, and collectables has never been a challenge for me; however, I began to understand that consumption also meant all things that I allow into my space. What I eat, drink, read, watch, and listen to, as well as the people I connect with and what I say “yes” to, are all key to living an essential life. 
Minimalism has led me to a deeper state of emotion, a deeper level of calm, pure love, and appreciation that I cannot access through clutter, noise, and distraction. This beautiful way of life is ever changing for me. I continue to explore and experiment. I give myself permission to change my mind. When something stops working for me, I let it go. 
Living an intentional life and curating my days provides deeper meaning to my existence. It allows for much needed space and solitude. It’s within the silence that I receive the guidance.