Minimalism Life

Most of the time when I didn’t take action in my life, it was because I felt like the topic was too overwhelming or complicated.

There were too many productivity systems to consider, so I postponed being productive.
There were too many health trends available, so I postponed being healthy.
There were too many financial suggestions out there, so I postponed saving or investing.

The more I thought about minimalism, the more I realized I could embrace simple living in other areas of my life.

Want to be productive? Do less to achieve more.
Want to lose weight? Consume less and exercise more.
Want to improve finances? Spend less and save more.

Studying any of these topics can introduce hundreds of variances, but they don’t have to be complex. We can keep it simple and still improve along the way.

The essence behind it all is to be intentional and learn how less can lead to more.

If minimalism seems too overwhelming or complex, start small. Ask yourself what small step you could take to live a more meaningful life, then do that. After all, minimalism does not have to be complicated. We can choose to keep it simple, even on our journey to minimalism.