Minimalism Life

I was born in a consumerist and conservative society driven by status, money, and beauty. 

I was constantly seeking to get promoted, look better, buy a bigger flat, and have a nicer car.

But I was feeling unfulfilled and purposeless. Why was I feeling like that if I had “everything I wanted”?

At the age of 23, I decided to take a break from my home country when I got a scholarship in Budapest, where I started living a simpler and healthier life.

Living abroad helped me to get rid of my mental clutter, my limiting beliefs, prejudices, and attitudes that were not aligned with the person I wanted to be.

Decluttering mental clutter made me feel light and helped me tap into my authentic self.

Nowadays, when a negative thought appears in mind, I ask myself: Is this thought mine? Does it align with the life I want to live? Ninety-nine percent of those thoughts aren’t mine, so I just let them go. 

I feel that we are like an onion: We need to peel the layers that aren’t ours in order to reconnect with our essence. 

I believe that authenticity is not about creating yourself, it’s about decluttering who you are not in order to reconnect with your true self.

Becoming a mental minimalist helps me to get rid of thoughts that don’t serve me anymore and I make room for new ones that bring value and joy into my life.

Are you living a life true to yourself?