Minimalism Life

Conversation is a way that we build relationships with people. There are so many ways to communicate: speaking face-to-face, writing, talking on the phone, email, or social media. Discussion helps us make connections, understand one another, and grow in relationships. Words can be used to build up and share meaning.

However, not all conversation has value. Unfortunately words can also be used to tear down or begin conflict. When conversations remain superficial it can cause relationships to sit idle. Consider how instant communication through social media can sometimes perpetuate untruths, spread gossip or cause distraction. Learn how to recognize when we use words only as a way to fill up empty space without adding value to anyone’s lives.

Minimalism is about adding value

Minimalism is all about identifying what is valuable in life and eliminating the rest. So how can we accomplish this with our words and work towards having meaningful conversation? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself during any conversation:

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it edifying?

If the answer is no to any of these, then reflect on whether the interaction is legitimately adding value to your life. Maybe there are some interactions that need to be redirected in order to become more beneficial. Conversations can be simple, effective, clear, and valuable.

Choose words wisely and discover how meaningful conversation adds true value to life.