Minimalism Life

I'm an avid journaler. I like to reflect on my life, see areas of growth or challenge, and craft some kind of game plan. In one of these journalling sessions, I pondered on the notion of opinions. It seems that, in this digital age, there is an epidemic of opinions. Everyone has something to say. And online, all these voices are ramped up a few notches.

We're blasted with views from others everywhere we look. It seems everyone has an opinion on how best we should conduct our lives, spend our money, and other things.

We're flooded with tips, tricks, and secrets online and off. Life hacks abound. Why does it seem like everyone is ever hacking something? It's all about hacking this or that.

With a little time searching Google or scrolling social media, we'll come across so many opinions daily. There are endless insider guides, reviews, curated content, interviews, and articles. We're exposed to a sea of thousands of opinions every day.

It's no wonder anxiety and depression are on the rise.

We need to disconnect from all the external noise, allowing us space to get in touch with our own inner wisdom. Sometimes, the only opinion we need is our own.

Too many opinions, too little inner direction

I find at times when I'm reading the thoughts of others online, my mind gets cluttered fast. I'm less empowered to make positive changes in my own life. It's like I'm paralyzed by all the noise and mental chatter from others’ views. I'm confused and lack focus or direction. I become a mess. I'm so occupied by consuming the mind nuggets of others that I can hardly focus on my own inner voice.

Are humans designed for all this opinion exposure?

My opinion is no.

It's unnatural to be exposed to a large number of other people's thoughts—for a long period of time anyway. Platforms like social media, instant messaging, email, and twenty-four-hour news are always nearby. This means we're exposed to what others think almost all day. This cannot be a good thing.

In listening to and reading all these opinions, we can lose our own sense of direction. Our thoughts can merged with those of others easily. With all this external input, how can one have a truly innovative thought?

The need for headspace

It's important to stay informed. To seek counsel from others more knowledgeable and wiser than us. As a knowledge enthusiast, I reign supreme in the sphere of learning from others. But it's important to also have the headspace and mental clarity to reflect upon our own thoughts.

Creating moments of mental disconnection from the views of others can be a good thing. It's a form of mental self-care. It's also an important aspect of mental minimalism and intentional living. So I ask you to consider the ways in which you're exposed to the opinions of others. Might you benefit from reducing that exposure? You may be surprised to find a new level of mental clarity you didn't have before. Now that's my honest opinion.