Minimalism Life

I started my journey in the startup world five years ago, when I discovered other ways of doing business.

Unnecessary emails were considered a waste, most people wore basic clothes, meetings were short, and concepts like “agility” and “cut waste” were often used.

I couldn’t believe that a workplace like that existed. That was the place I wanted to be!

I started adopting a minimalist approach in my professional life. Here is how minimalism boosts productivity:

It’s easier to prioritize

Adopting a minimalist approach to business means asking daily: What’s the one thing I could do today that will get me closer to my greater goal? Having tons of priorities equals having no priority.

You have fewer distractions

There are two types of people: the ones who have tons of tabs open and the ones who have only the essential ones open. Being a minimalist in business helps one to avoid multitasking, which increases productivity and helps with getting in a state of deep focus.

There’s less waste in processes

Fewer emails, less time wasted in unnecessary meetings. Being a minimalist in business is being intentional and respectful with everyone's time.

Fewer but better

Sometimes we continue performing activities just because “they have been always done like that.” As a minimalist, I invite you to question your current way of working and to remove anything that doesn’t add value or don’t have a purpose.

By removing unnecessary processes, meetings, and tasks you will make space to focus on what matters the most.