Minimalism is a lever

Edit, experiment, refine

Words by Carl Phillips

“If there is anything Zen strongly emphasizes it is the attainment of freedom; that is, freedom from all unnatural encumbrances.”
– D.T. Suzuki

Remove the excess. Edit. Experiment. Refine.

Simplify. Less stress. Less ambiguity.

Leave space. Space to breathe. Space to think. Space to be.

Less can be more.

More for the sake of more leads to clutter. Enough should be enough.

Say no, more often. No to commitments, no to requests on your time that conflict with how you want to live.

Be selective.

Focus. Seek clarity.

Zero in on the tasks, things, and people that matter most.

Strive for quality over quantity.

Turn up present and connected, especially for those you care for most.

Embrace white space. Make what stays count.

Remove distractions.

Taste that coffee, smell those flowers, take in that view. Make time to appreciate life.

Enjoy simple pleasures.

Fewer moving parts, less complexity.

Minimalism is a tool, a lever, not the point itself.

Forget the minimalist dogma, avoid the "gurus" telling you what is "minimalist enough," but hold onto the heart of the concept.

Simplify life, your way. There is beauty waiting to be uncovered.

Carl Phillips

Carl is a writer and runs Frictionless Living, a site about the pursuit of simplicity to help us focus on what matters most. It’s about finding clarity in distracted times.


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