Minimalism Life

Over the last eight months, I have been adopting the minimalist lifestyle to develop greater meaning and fulfillment in my everyday life.

I was triggered to start this journey after learning that the average person lives 1,000 months. That’s just over 80 years of age. I became motivated to start living my life with a plan and I saw minimalism as my outlet.

I started this lifestyle challenge by eliminating the excess physical, mental, and virtual clutter in my life, and within weeks I had experienced feelings of greater freedom and happiness.

When I speak to my friends about my journey, I describe minimalism as a lifestyle template that anyone can use to design their ideal life.

Along with the benefits that have come from decluttering my things, minimalism is helping me gain the space and clarity to focus on the things that add value to me daily. These things being my goals and values.

Today, I’m taking action on side projects I had only ever dreamt of, I am spending more time with my family and friends, and I am less tempted to buy items outside of my list of essentials. Simply put, this journey is helping me become more intentional with how I spend my time, energy, and money.

To host and manage this lifestyle I’ve been designing for myself, I use a bullet journal. It’s a journaling system that helps me track my daily personal and work tasks, track my past accomplishments, and plan for my future.

The bullet journal helps me start every day with a plan. Not to mention it has helped me strengthen my word with myself and others. I am proactive, more productive, and less tempted to react to unnecessary distractions.

I find meaning in the daily tasks and future goals I set for myself and find great fulfillment when these tasks and goals become accomplishments.

I no longer feel like my life is passing me by.