Minimalism Life

I grew up in a community that loves to collect mementos. These mementos are passed down from one generation to another. Owning less was never an option to me, because my relatives measured success based on the number of material things that one possessed—things like houses, cars, and parcels of land. To prove my worth, I eagerly shopped for clothes, bags, shoes, and other possessions, just to show off that I could buy them. Back in 2016, you could find me searching for a great wardrobe to wear and show everyone. But that was when I stumbled upon the concept of a capsule wardrobe inspired by minimalism.

I began learning about the minimalist lifestyle that I never knew existed. As I learned about having less to make room for more valuable experiences, I started seeing material things as clutter. The things that had fascinated me before—the accessories, clothes, and gadgets—no longer appeared appealing or desirable.

Minimalism is not just about getting rid of physical clutter. It’s also about improving one's self. Instead of reading articles about the latest trends and gadgets, I focused on improving myself by accumulating new skills and knowledge. I learned about mental health and financial management. I pursued hobbies like candle making and gardening. Most importantly, I rekindled my passion for writing, which I had previously hidden to appease my parents and pursue the career they wanted for me.

Minimalism taught me to value life, skills, personality, and talent more than material things. I am no longer a fan of consumerism, and I am no longer envious of the material wealth people display to prove their success. Minimalism taught me to let go of the things that are less meaningful to me to allow room for what truly matters.