Minimalism Life

Many productivity articles are about getting more done in less time. This can sometimes lead to choosing to take on more, adding to your already lengthy to-do list. Do you really want "more”, or do you want to have to not do so many things in the first place?

Minimalist productivity can look like not only getting things done, but about adding value to your life and celebrating checking things off of your list by choosing to have less to do.

I invite you to look at all of the things you "have" to do as choices; you are choosing to do—or not do—them. You could argue that you have to do some things like taxes and don't have a choice about them. You can choose to make things like that a priority then, and let go of some non-essentials.

I would bet that most of the things on your calendar or list are things you are choosing to do. Somewhere along the line, you have chosen to make them a priority. The pampering, primping, and errand running that some of us choose to do add more to our to-do list than we really need. I was asking someone what she was doing on her day off, and it was filled with tasks and appointments, like getting her nails done, her hair colored, and so on. I wondered why she would fill her time off with so many appointments when she really wanted to spend the weekend relaxing.

Maybe the way to be more productive—to get MORE done—is to simply have less to do. What can you shave off of your priority list? What activities are no longer serving you or making you feel great?

Let go, prioritize, choose, and get minimal!