Minimalism Life

Mnmllist is a small project, but an ever growing resource of links for all things minimal. Made by Minimalism Life's cofounder Carl MH Barenbrug and web developer and writer Manu Moreale, the duo have produced a wonderful bookmark site that not only features minimal resources, objects, and tools, it also embodies minimalist principles in its design. The text-only list of links is presented in an extremely simple, organized, and easily readable grid that can be filtered and browsed on any device.

The categories are wide-ranging and the curation is subjective, but comes from great knowledge and experience. The list overall is still fairly small in scale, but continues to grow on a daily basis and also welcomes suggestions from readers who may have an idea for a category, a product, or resource.

You can read about the concept behind Mnmllist and how the idea originated in our previous feature.