Minimalism Life
Moving With Stillness
Photography by Mario Dobelmann

This is rare air.

People that move with grace, whatever life throws at them.

Stillness itself has become something of a lost art in our ‘busy being busy’ culture.

Many of us have recognized this is so and are trying to redress the balance by bringing some stillness back to our lives. Whether it takes the form of a meditation practice, long walks, time in nature, a breathing practice, or yoga, it doesn’t matter much. What matters is we connect with this time wholeheartedly.

This time for calm is necessary. Making space for these resets will serve us well. We recharge body, mind, and spirit.

These practices are all about stillness in stillness. Truth be told, this is only the start of a broader journey. To attain true stillness, we must also learn to bring calm with us as we navigate life. In short, we learn to move with stillness.

Stillness In Motion

These are the people that always seem to retain a sense of calm, even in the face of adversity.

The teacher that patiently repeats instructions to a class of excitable (and oftentimes unruly) children.

The fireman that walks into the danger zone, calmly helping the people he finds away from harm’s way.

If we can learn to leverage stillness into our everyday lives, we turn up ready to give the best of ourselves.

Ready to give our best effort. Ready to roll with the punches life will, no doubt, throw our way.

We no longer react with anger or frustration when things do not go our way.

We refuse to take criticism to heart. It bounces from us.

We search for a way through life’s challenges, knowing they will surely come but steely in our determination to move past them.

We accept what needs to be accepted. We let go of the rest.

We approach life with an active but quiet mind.

We seek to bring a sense of stillness to everything we do.

More than this, we commit to move with stillness.