Minimalism Life

The name "Virenspersa" comes from the word "perseverance". My vision is to remain creative and grateful while pursuing a fulfilling life. I seek to narrate stories that convey a mysterious language that can be felt through the heart rather than sensed through the eyes alone. I embrace light and darkness and aim to capture the value of simplicity.

I aspire to discover what lies beneath simplicity and remind people that we are all connected to the sacred forces of nature. I feel a sense of illness when I think I am not, and I hope my artwork can evoke a feeling of oneness with it. Using monotones highlights the beauty of the essence, which exists beneath the layer of complexity. I recall something that we have forgotten in this fast-paced world: stillness.

Behind every picture, I must contemplate and create moments of union with the landscape, animal, or object to connect with what's beyond my perceivable senses. The contemplation focuses on the innocence of the present moment, honouring every second of the experience. Once I feel a deep connection, I feel prepared to capture it. If the captured image evokes the feelings I experienced while contemplating, the picture is successful. I see something hidden that exists and speaks to me, carrying a metaphysical nature. It holds a feeling that I want to capture and share with the world.

This experience encourages me to understand myself and define the world through my gaze. I believe that creativity is an experience of self-realization that has been present in ancient civilizations and can become a way for us to evolve as human beings.