Minimalism Life

I would consider myself a Minimalist. A term I discovered long after I developed my taste for it. There was nothing in my life growing up that would naturally steer me into this philosophy. Not the cultural background, not the way I was raised. I used to feel like a person with Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) stuck in the environment where everything is misplaced, mismatched and nothing can be fixed as no one else but me can see it.

Eventually I discovered Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, disciplines that finally gave a definition to my way of thinking. It felt so natural to me, it felt right. Pure, purposeful, subtle design with intent in every detail, a kind of design that makes me feel euphoric, complete, happy. Minimalism is often misunderstood, deemed as cold, heartless which, in my mind, can’t be further from the truth. I spent six years studying Interior design, then working as an interior designer trying to disprove this misconception.

Minimalist design, in my understanding, is not sterile, it is pure. And purity has a calming effect. Given how full on our lives are right now, I believe there has never been a better time to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. If you want your home to be a place of relaxation, a space where you recharge, then minimalism is the most effective remedy: pure lines, natural textures, calming colors. It provides both visual and tactile experience, that goes hand in hand with the concept of mindfulness. It makes the present an enjoyable and important moment of life, just like it should be.

As any pure form of art, minimalism is hard to master. I believe Scandinavians come really close to making it accessible to every household. They introduce a good balance between comfort and style, adapting a more structured Japanese philosophy to European mentality. Scandinavian minimalism is a good starting point and, most likely, all you will ever need to make your home a more desirable place to be.

This is why I chose Scandinavian design as the main concept of my online interior design shop, GOSCANDI. My little minimalist haven for those looking to break free from eclectic clutter. A place for inspiration, art, and craftsmanship, featuring only a small collection of a handpicked decor where every item can work together in a single apartment.

You can follow our journey on Instagram @goscandi.