Minimalism Life

Minimalism is about intentional and thoughtful reduction. Stripping back the excess and unnecessary moving parts. Simplifying.  

It’s about finding signal through the noise.

The tools we use should simplify our lives. This is particularly the case as more and more of those tools are online.  

But the online space has become complicated and noisy.  

The tools are so numerous that many of us are left scratching our heads and in a state of paralysis through analysis. Productivity tools that should make our lives easier become part of the problem. Online security rules mean one password turns into lots of passwords. Many of us now need a tool just to keep up with those passwords! 

It shouldn't be this way. Technology should simplify our existence, not add more stress and distraction.  

That's where mymind comes in. It's a step in a simpler and more elegant direction. 

mymind is a privacy-first tool that uses cutting edge artificial intelligence to offer a completely personalized online home that becomes an extension of our own minds. It allows us to keep all the things that are important to us in one place.  

All your notes, inspiration, bookmarks, and ideas in a single private and secure space, allowing you, with a single click, to save videos, articles, notes, and highlights to your own private online home.  

The AI capacity of mymind also means there is no need to search, file, or retain information in complicated filing structures. It will use your unique visual and associative cues to do the hard work for you—so you can find what you need swiftly and then get on with your day.  

Imagine a tool that allows you to see something you like, something you want to remember, and save it in a second. And then allows you to find that something when you need it within seconds. 

No need to organize, no need for folders or complicated categories and structures. Just a tool that does the hard work for you. An extension of your mind.