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My usual enthusiasm for spring cleaning had so far eluded me this year, clouded by cold dreary weather and, oh yeah, a pandemic. Fortunately, a pair of mourning doves offered me motivation to do a little nesting of my own.

As I pulled into a line of cars at the pharmacy drive-up, I caught a glimpse of a mourning dove through my rainy windshield. He flew straight into a large evergreen tree carrying something in its beak. Moments later out he darted out on an obvious mission.

He soon swooped back into the tree carrying a twig and a piece of grass. Again he disappeared into the dense foliage for a few seconds, flew out, and returned minutes later carrying more building supplies. I watched the dove’s efforts continue for nearly ten minutes until it was my turn at the pharmacy window.

I returned home with the perfect prescription for the blahs. I was ready to feather our nest. I shared my new-found enthusiasm with my husband by telling him what I’d learned about the nesting habits of mourning doves.

The female dove actually builds the nest with twigs, conifer needles and grass gathered by the male. In an impressive act of teamwork, the male stands on the female’s back and gives her the supplies while she assembles the nest. (I’m not suggesting this exact process, but teamwork is always a good idea.)

Our orders to stay at home during the Coronavirus outbreak might be the perfect time to do what comes naturally in springtime—nesting. I don’t know what’s on your home to-do list, but it probably falls into similar categories as ours.


Cupboards, drawers, closets, shelves, and surfaces in every room can all use a once-over to de-clutter and reorganize.


In addition to routine cleaning, spring is a good time to do those annual or bi-annual chores we tend to put off. Dusting baseboards isn’t exciting, but it could be more rewarding than another show on Netflix.


Simply rearranging what we already have can help us appreciate our treasures even more. A few daffodils or sprigs of forsythia from the yard adds a perfect cheerful touch of spring.

Indoor Projects

We all have those nagging little tasks that need to be done. Make a list and tackle them one by one.

Outdoor Projects

When the weather allows, get outside and sweep the porch, do some yard work or take on a bigger job. Mike and I are tearing down an old shed and building a new one. It’s a project that requires teamwork. He tried standing on my back, but it’s easier if I just hold the ladder.