Netflix's Minimalism is now on YouTube

A documentary about the important things

Words by Joshua Fields Millburn

Exciting news! After seven years and 80 million views on Netflix, The Minimalists’ first documentary, Minimalism, is now available to watch for free on YouTube.

No advertisements

Since this documentary is being released without commercials, it will not be monetized, which means it will not be boosted by the YouTube algorithm. That’s why we need your help. How? Please watch the documentary, “thumbs up” the video on YouTube, leave a comment telling us when you first watched it, and share the link with your friends. This will help the film reach more people.

About the film

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Matt D’Avella, examines the simple lives of minimalists from all walks of life—families, architects, artists, scientists, journalists, entrepreneurs, and even a former Wall Street broker—all of whom are living meaningfully with less.

More of less

After you’ve seen the film, dive deep into six hours of unreleased bonus footage. While you’re at it, you can binge-watch The Minimalists’ second documentary, the Emmy-nominated Netflix Original Less Is Now, exclusively on Netflix.

Joshua Fields Millburn

Joshua Fields Millburn is a bestselling author, writing instructor, and international speaker. Best known as one half of The Minimalists, he is the author of four books, including a critically acclaimed memoir, Everything That Remains. He has been featured in Time, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Vancouver Sun, Village Voice, LA Weekly, and many other outlets. Born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1981, he currently lives in Los Angeles, California.


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