Minimalism Life

Within the last few years, multiple branches of the minimalism movement have erupted in popularity, encapsulating many who recognize the benefits it has to offer. Simple living, nomadic lifestyles, and zero-waste living are a few approaches to minimalism that many are familiar with. Though there are many paths to explore in the world of living with less, the freshly curated trail of sustainability has caught many people’s eyes and is a branch of simple living that should not be ignored.

At its core, living sustainably means that the consumer can easily reduce the amount of time, effort, and money that they put into purchasing items, completing tasks, and generally living life. As with mainstream minimalism, the immediate benefits of a sustainable lifestyle can become addicting, such as knowing that you are doing the environment a favor by using reusable items, increasing the longevity of the items you use, and saving resources, time, and effort by only purchasing things that you love and that fit within your values.

I have a lot of respect for companies that fit within the values of ethical living, selling long-lasting items to customers, and being truthful in their marketing. While there are many companies that are dedicated to sustainability, QWSTION is one of the few that aligns their personal values and ethical sustainability practices in their products.

QWSTION is a young company founded in Zurich, Switzerland by a handful of graphic and industrial designers. Dedicated to sharing their passion of sustainability and ethical fashion through their products, they have created the ideal work bag for those who are aspiring to live with less.

Part of QWSTION’s unique approach to design and production is developing and sourcing almost all materials directly. Regular visits to suppliers enable the comfort of knowing who makes the product and allows for exceptional quality. While the largest part of today’s textile production involves plastics that negatively impact nature and humanity, QWSTION chooses to develop their own materials, using natural fibers whenever possible to achieve the highest sustainability.

These products can be used from season to season and through every design change that our culture throws at us. With the confidence of a durable and timeless piece as well as the freedom from judgement of the fashion industry, QWSTION’s products permit you to work well and travel well. As you continue to make progress within your work and personal life, remember that less is always more. Appreciate the quality of things, not the quantity of things. If we buy fewer products, but better ones, we tend to have more joy using what we already have.

This article was made in collaboration with QWSTION