Minimalism Life

Working for a corporate company, a lot was expected of me—a lot of work, progress, money, luxury, promotions, work hours, socialising, and things I could no longer count. I was climbing a mandatory ladder leading to even more of these expectations. I was trapped.

I was also drained. I had short-term memory loss; I would forget events I had attended and people I had met within 48 hours. A lot was lost in the sea of Corporate. Despite great friends, a great career, and a life of dreams, I felt empty. I wasn’t living at all. I was insecure and afraid of losing things I never owned. I was overwhelmed by constant distractions and mental clutter!

The Real YOLO Moments

For nearly three years, I was a minimalist when it came to my possessions—but with my life, I was anything but. I was living according to a “You Only Live Once” philosophy where you do everything you possibly can because time is limited. Attend every event, set up three businesses in one go, take two professional qualifications and run three work projects, just because you can. I never realised that this “YOLO” philosophy was really about the quality—not quantity—of experience. One great project or business that you are passionate about is sufficient. Moments with loved ones are more valuable than the ones spent climbing a corporate ladder.

Intentional Observation

Our real quality moments are often the ones we overlook. So I made an effort to observe. Where in the day did I find my “Safe Places”? I define a Safe Place as a moment where I felt indescribable happiness and bliss, positivity and calm. It could also be a person with whom I could laugh my heart out, or a place where I could close my eyes for hours and wake up with joy. I feel safe in these moments.

My Safe Places

At a table by the window of the coffee shop down the road, having an oat latte with a warm croissant. Fresh air and mountain sunrises. Warm morning sun and the sound of waves. Going on adventures with only carry-on luggage. Writing postcards. Spending time to care for people in need. Kissing and hugging my partner. Laughing with him until my cheeks hurt. Playing cards with my parents. Working on my favourite business project. Cuddling with my year-old niece. Waking up early to exercise, practice yoga, and meditate. Spending time with my best friends. Writing 10 things I am grateful for each morning. Studying Spanish for 10 minutes a day. Reading every morning and listening to classical music. Spending time at a mountain cabin with a log fire inside and snow outside. Cooking simple yet delicious meals. These are my real YOLO moments.

What are your Safe Places? They are a part of your daily life, only waiting to be noticed.

Being Deliberate

I deliberately schedule more time at my Safe Places every day. It can be early mornings, lunch breaks, or late evenings. I have removed people, events and commitments that no longer serve me. I have cut down my business initiatives. I buy quality products and never more than I need. I eat clean and feel great in mind and body. I exercise and meditate every day. I have done less and yet achieved more in my career and in my personal life. Deliberately choosing my life has helped me focus and reinvest my time and energy to maximize the value returned. I feel balanced.

Your Safe Places are closer than you think and I hope you find them and visit them every day.