Minimalism Life

In the bustling cityscape of Dubai, where opulence and consumerism are the norms, my journey began. As a high school student amidst the glittering towers and endless shopping malls, I felt the weight of material excess. Yet, it was in this unlikely setting that the seeds of my minimalist journey were sown.

My metaphorical tree of independence and conviction started to grow when I moved to Paris to study design. The city, known for its elegance and simplicity, was the perfect nurturing ground. In the art studios and design workshops, I learned to value creativity and functionality over frivolity. It was here that I began to understand the essence of minimalism: the beauty in the essentials, the power of thought over the accumulation of things.

As my tree grew, so did my desire to live a life true to my newfound convictions. In a symbolic act of embracing minimalism, I transformed my tree into a pirogue, setting sail on the river of life with a clear, uncluttered vision. This pirogue became my vessel for a slow, nomadic lifestyle. For two years, I lived without a permanent home, traveling consciously, and collecting experiences instead of possessions. Each destination was a lesson in simplicity, each encounter a reminder of the richness of life beyond material wealth.

Turning 30 and entering the sacred bond of marriage last year marked a new chapter. It was time to dock my pirogue. This docking isn't about abandoning the minimalist journey but rather evolving it. As I plant another tree, this time with my partner, I'm filled with new convictions and an eagerness to maintain and improve my balance with life.

In conclusion, my journey from the consumerist culture of Dubai to a minimalist, nomadic lifestyle has been transformative. Minimalism for me is not about the absence of things but the presence of space — space to grow, to love, to live. As I embark on this next phase, with a new tree taking root, I carry with me the lessons of my past: that in simplicity lies the greatest freedom and joy.