Minimalism Life

When I began my minimalist journey, I found it hard to hold myself back from diving head-first into the wide variety of lifestyles that minimalism presents. There are so many to choose from—a nomadic lifestyle, zero-waste living, living with only essentials—just to name a few. Though there are many paths to explore in the world of living with less, the freshly curated trail of sustainability caught my eye and I began to tread softly into the benefits it had to offer.

In my eyes, living sustainability meant that I could easily reduce the amount of effort, time, and money I put into purchasing items, completing tasks, and generally living life. There were immediate benefits to incorporating sustainable living into my everyday life, such as knowing that I was doing the earth/environment a favor while swapping things out for more sustainable items, increasing the longevity of the items I was using, and saving myself so many resources by only purchasing things I truly loved and fit within my values.

I soon began to look for companies that fit within my values and allowed me to spend my money wisely, knowing that the item would be long-lasting. While there are few companies that are dedicated to sustainability, Modern Essentials is one of the few that allows their personal values and minimalist journey shine through their products.

Modern Essentials is a New York-based clothing brand that is dedicated to sharing their passion for minimalism through their products. While living in a throw-away culture, they bring together minimalism and sustainability in order to create the ideal closet for people aspiring to live with less. As minimalism transitions from being a trend to a lifestyle, CEO Michael Frattaroli and his team are dedicated to bringing a simple, minimal, and modern touch to clothing in a world of fast-fashion.

Modern Essentials combines what we need to strive for in our fashion industry today—minimal style, simple, and modern designs, and sustainability at an affordable price. Unlike the fast-fashion industry, Modern Essentials carefully curates each item of clothing and ensures that it passes an intense quality control line before it ever reaches the boutique doors.

Times are always changing, which means that the fashion industry is constantly releasing new ideas and clothing. Modern Essentials has created their product to be timeless in a society of ephemeral joy. These essential pieces can be worn from season to season, and through every change in the fashion industry. Without being weighed down by the industry, these products allow you to be more free in thought and action as you enjoy the more important things in life: realizing the true color of the sky, hearing your partner laugh, and being in touch with reality—the life that is happening right before your eyes.

As you continue to make room in your life for the important things, remember that less is always more. Appreciate the quality of things, not the quantity of things. If we buy fewer products but better ones, we tend to have more joy using what we already have.

This article was made in collaboration with Modern Essentials