Minimalism Life

I am a girl with great ambition and goals, but the love of buying new clothes, shoes, and furniture got in the way of me fulfilling most of my dreams. That is, until I saw an Instagram page of a minimalist living her best life and cherishing moments instead of stuff.

I was interested in trying this different lifestyle, so I started getting rid of stuff I was not interested in owning anymore. The first step was getting rid of clothes and shoes I didn’t like that much.

The second step was changing my perspective towards home furniture. I used to like buying furniture and home accessories based on new trends, but after discovering minimalism, I removed all my extra tables, chairs, and lamps, and I even changed some colors. I believe mental clarity comes from visual clarity, and now I have a clear mind when I see all the open space in my home.

I am still working on engaging my husband and those around me in this life-changing concept. But to sum things up, coming from an Arab background where it is believed that having more items means a better life, living as a minimalist is the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I cherish moments, not items. I had never thought that stuff could get in the way of one’s dreams and goals, but now I see that removing junk from my life gave me the space to move my mindset and focus toward my passion so I could work on my own business instead of wasting my time and money.

Minimalism not only got me on track toward living a simple, high-quality life, it also helped me get organized, stress free, and happy.

“Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest. Let go. Live in the moment. All we have is NOW.” These words got me on the right track, and hopefully they will motivate you, too, to live a purposeful life.