Slowing down is an act of minimalism

Do less and do it better

Words by Manu

Slowing down is an act of minimalism

Never-ending growth and constant optimization. Those seem to be the core principles of this era we live in. It's true for businesses and it's true for personal development. Productivity hacks are abounding. New ways to do more with our time and resources are popping up constantly.

And yet, we're more stressed than ever. Doing more isn't making us happier or more fulfilled. Chasing constant growth isn't making businesses more successful or society better.

Slowing down, taking your time to do things properly, doing fewer things with more care, is an act of minimalism. Pouring your heart and soul into what you're doing, and doing it at your best, is an act of minimalism.

Slow down, do less. But do it better, do it at your best. That is what minimalism should be all about.


Writer of rambling words and imperfect code, an appreciator of nature and peaceful landscapes, an enjoyer of silence and good company. Writes about everything he finds interesting on his blog where he also share occasional pictures taken while out in the world.


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