Minimalism Life

Busyness is something we have had a part in creating.

We let it into our lives. We said yes. We continue to consume it.

Busyness, paradoxically, is a form of laziness. Lazy thinking, or no thinking at all. Just an acceptance that busy is where we should be.

While busy is not always a problem, if we are are busy with the things and people that matter most to us, too often it takes another form. We are busy being busy. Stressed, rundown, and worn out by busy. That toxic state of working hard but feeling like we are getting nowhere. Worse, we can feel like we are working hard but actually going backwards. Slipping ever further from the life we wish to live.

The truth is we have more control than we think. We can decide whether we engage with the dark side of busy.

We can be busy with things that matter, or we can be busy with things that do not.

We can be busy with the people we care for most, or busy working hard for someone else’s agenda.

We get to decide.

Stop consuming busy for the sake of busy. Disengage. Unplug.

Commit to another path and a more meaningful metric for a life well-lived.