Minimalism Life

As a young person, it has been easy for me to look openly at life, seeing endless opportunities and outcomes. I spent a lot of my childhood fantasizing about the future—about the person I could become and all the things I could do.

While I believe that being open to life is a good thing, the downside was that I didn’t quite know which way to turn. So many options were on the table: I played instruments, made small films, had an interest in business, was good with people, and wanted to travel. But which of these things did I want to pursue?

I just didn’t know, and the truth is that I couldn’t know. I was so busy doing all of these things in my personal life that my intuition (and my sense of freedom) became clouded. Unknowingly, I was trapped by all of these possible pursuits.

All of these options were like open doors. They were opportunities I could pursue, options I was unsure about, and things I wanted to leave open “just in case.”

I’ve started to see that I need to close some of those doors by letting go. I need to stop searching for the ‘right’ answer. Instead of chasing all of those opportunities, I simply need to be open to possibilities. I will focus on trying, experimenting, leaving only a few doors open, and riding the wave to whatever happens next. Only then will I get a better picture of where my true path really leads.