Minimalism Life

I wake up slowly every day as if it’s a fresh start.

I greet my sentient beings with love and acknowledgment. I walk for thirty minutes, moving and honoring my body feeling grateful for the beauty it brings me. I meditate for twenty minutes focusing on my breath, letting the thoughts be separate from my soul. I live in a simple, warm space.

I often see the world through a camera. I consider myself a conceptual artist that uses photography and mixed media to create. My art, work, and lifestyle reflect my fascination with intuition, color, and movement as a personal narrative.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I was always curious and fascinated by creativity and self-expression—often exploring different mediums. I’m an introvert and an HSP (highly sensitive person), so the ability to create has been my savior in many ways.

I’m a seeker of spirit and knowledge. I love reading about people and different ways of living and learning.

I have been a Minimalist for the past few years. As there are many flavors of this lifestyle, my focus is a living an intentional life, focusing on my core values: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.

I graduated with a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Radio, TV, & Film. After graduation, I developed a love for media and commercial production. Wanting to incorporate my passion for the creative process into my career, I began to explore the world of creative advertising.

Eventually, I switched my focus to theatrical marketing and print production where I have been able to connect the dots.
Currently, I am head of a global marketing operations team at a movie studio where I get to direct all aspects systems and content deliverables.

What I am most passionate about is inspiring others. Whether that be via my art, self-expression, the way I lead my team, or interact with the barista at Coffee Bean. The best part about my day is making someone smile or encouraging them to live their best life.

I recently started to step away from social media and have I felt more inspired after taking a break from these digital mediums. There’s a beautiful thing that happens when we allow ourselves to be bored… some of our best ideas come from solitude.

I started shooting with a 35mm last year. There’s something magical to me about analog—holding the camera, the weight of it, the anticipation of developing the negative.

My work is rewarding and challenging.

I spend my days showing up for my job, leading my team from a place of love and mentorship. I welcome the challenges and learn from all around me.

I end my day’s softly shutting down from the day. Reconnecting with my cats, meditating, and taking a hot bath before bed. I note three things I am grateful for that happened that day then go to bed.

What do you think about the conditions for artists today? 

We’re all creative!

How one lives their life is an art—not just being able to paint, take a photograph, write a song, or write a novel. So live intentionally, beautifully, and don’t be afraid to call yourself an artist.