Minimalism Life

The white of the page.
A story yet to unfold.

To treat our time as precious.
To meet this moment fully.

Connecting to the magic in the everyday.
Stepping into the awe.

To be free.
To unburden ourselves of expectations. To let them go.

To simplify.
To reduce life down to what, and who, matters most.

To strip away the distractions.
To streamline.

To search for the signal
In amongst the noise.

To leave comparisons behind.
To follow our own path.

To give the gift
Of our full presence.

To be thankful.
To be grateful.

To see the opportunity.
To have faith that one small step will take us closer.

To follow the light inside.
To connect to the wisdom already within.

This is the power ready to be tapped
In the beginner’s mind.