Minimalism Life

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.”


Silence, can you hear it? One of the most effective techniques in a negotiator’s arsenal, yet the most difficult to master. In today’s world of never-ending communication, we are taught that being silent means we are shy, or, in the worst-case scenario, dull. It’s quite evident that we live in a terribly noisy world, however, silence is far from being considered silly or shy. Silence permits you time to not only to listen, but gives importance to what it is that you are hearing. Silence may also teach you to speak more eloquently. Throughout our daily practices, our senses are continuously bombarded, which can create an essential challenge for those practicing to still their minds.

Sometimes, when a conversation can’t be carried on any further, a moment of silence can stretch into an uncomfortable situation. To me, silence is the ultimate power—a power nobody can take away from you unless you allow. One of the best ways to practice and appreciate silence is by sitting comfortably and observing the outer world, or even better, meditation. Peace of mind, clarity, and focus are a few of the outcomes of regular meditation.

It is widely known that meditation is shown to give many benefits. It is the most potent level of silence through the process of letting go of the thoughts in your mind, bringing release and recharge. Meditation is an ideal way to reach a whole relaxation state, and a way to get some grounding and understanding of your day-to-day existence. Through this process, you can come to know that some expectations are misplaced, and the worries you have today may not be there tomorrow. For many, meditation is an excellent method to find inner peace and become more mindful of what is happening around you.

“Meditation is the sharp tool you dig out the great treasure hidden within everybody’s inner personality.”

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Life was made to be joyful, but our lives are so full of noise and distraction that we have evolved to be uncomfortable with silence. You see, it’s impossible to envision your life before the initial comprehension of what you want. Find a peaceful spot, sit down, and make a list of what’s currently happening in your life that’s positive and negative, and what is taking up your time. One of the most beneficial opportunities you could take is to recognize a desire and envision precisely what you want your life to look like. Moreover, silence is going to prevent you from reliving the pain of the separation, along with giving you a chance to recover emotionally and begin rebuilding your life.

Once our hearts and minds are awakened, we can think mindfully about our lives. You will shortly discover that you’re becoming more relaxed and less tense, even in the middle of our noisy world. There’s immense courage within your heart and mind. Take a brief walk outside in nature, and you may discover a peace that silence offers. If you are searching for effective methods of changing your life for the better, then you can be sure to see lots of useful discoveries in everyday silence. All essential things in life are within us.