Minimalism Life
iphone in pocket
photography by Mikaela Shannon


These are the tools I keep in my pockets throughout the day. While I've tried to go with less, these tools are worth their weight and add value on a consistent basis.

As The Minimalists wrote, “Our material clutter is a physical manifestation of our internal clutter.” Minimalists are still humans, and most humans have a lot of thoughts running through their head.

Whether it's rumination from the past, or planning and angst about the future, our thoughts consume our attention.

Meditation helps bring us back to the present moment, and I've developed a habit of starting each day with a ten-minute meditation. The ten minutes of stillness are peaceful, only to be countered by a day full of thoughts.

When I go to bed, my brain runs through the day to see if there are any final thoughts or to-dos I need to remember. Instead of shutting down, my mind reboots with a series of thoughts and ideas.

Mental clutter can also be troublesome, so I decided to start meditating each night as well. This brings back a sense of tranquility before I fall asleep.

Whenever I start dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, I can pause and focus on my breath. Now I bring meditation everywhere; it’s the best tool I’ve found yet.