Minimalism Life

We often attribute our problems to a lack of money.

If I had more money, I could get the new car.
If I got the new car, I’d be respected by my friends.
If I was respected by my friends, I’d be happier.

If we connect the dots and think a new car will lead us to happiness, it’s easy to assume money is the root of our problems. It’s easy to scroll online and imagine scenarios we could fix with money. But when all our extra dollars are spent on extra trinkets, we’re sacrificing our long-term contentment for short term pleasure.

We try to get ahead of this problem by working more hours, only to fall into the corporate rat race. Or rather, as I like to call it, the track to trinkets.

Money can solve our money problems, but most of the answers we seek can be found without additional income. When we understand that happiness comes from within, we stop relying on trinkets to fill the void. After all, what matters to you?

Peace or possessions? Joy or junk? Tranquility or trinkets?

Everything has a price. The more time we spend on acquiring, cleaning, maintaining, and repairing trinkets, the less time we spend on our tranquility and well-being.

Which path will you pursue?