What are we really decluttering?

The healing magic of letting go of things

Words by Dr. Egypt Iredia

When we declutter, we get rid of much more than physical possessions. Decluttering offers a passageway to create clarity of mind and space in our lives. As we decongest our surroundings of physical things, our minds are afforded a relaxation that can’t be bought. The other day, after yet another physical purge session, I felt a sense of lightness of body and spirit. I had that grounding thought that this was a good act. Not a spectacular or especially riveting one. But sometimes good is enough.

Getting rid of junk is therapeutic. Heck, it can be named decluttering therapy. For before the medical-lingo giants monopolized the term therapy, enshrouding it with licensure and regulation, therapy by definition meant a treatment intended to heal or relieve a disorder. Decluttering heals my disorders of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, which often come from a cluttered, busy-looking space that then feeds into a scattered cloudy mind. Decluttering is one of the many friends in my sacred self-care toolkit.

In decluttering, I’m crafting space to breathe. Physically and mentally. I’m letting go of

When I see decluttering in this more holistic and transcendental form, I understand that purging clutter can be an act of worship. We worship and honor our present lived experience when we only allow into it that which nourishes us on a practical and spiritual level. Those old piles of papers, years-old receipts, and that little too-tight gown are not nourishing.

I want to live a wholesome life, where the things around me affirm and support my dreams, lifestyle, and intentions. So away I’ll declutter and have a little soul medicine from time to time.

Dr. Egypt Iredia

Dr. Egypt is a poet, calm-living and metaphysical wellness coach, and multi-passionate creative. Having lived on five continents and encountered people from all walks of life, she has been humbled by the wisdom and challenges of the human experience. As lifelong student of metaphysics, philosophy, and spirituality, her work and life ethos are informed by many east-west philosophical and wisdom traditions. She has been involved in the healing and transformative arts for over 28 years. In her personal life, she has found strength and healing through slow and calm living, sacred self-care, and intentional living. Her mission is to empower people to live a calm, healthy, and spiritually connected life.


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