Minimalism Life

It takes time and dedication to change your entire lifestyle. Working out my WHY was critical. By having a clear vision of a future lifestyle, a future me, I had the foundation to tackle any obstacles that came my way. I spent time detailing how I envisioned myself living, listing what I wanted in life and sometimes what I didn't. I wanted to spend less time cleaning and feel guilt free. That was what I started with: to not feel like I was still working when I finished a day's work. What I ended up with was so much more.

As I worked through my process, I constantly reviewed my whys. If I was unsure about an item, I would go back to my notes. If I felt unmotivated, I would look at my list and review the pictures I took right at the start of the process. The work I put in right at the beginning kept me on track throughout—and still does even now.

The process of simplifying, decluttering, and curating my spaces has indeed allowed freedom to enjoy guilt-free downtime. I once would panic if someone didn't give me three days' notice of a surprise visit. Now, whilst not a showroom, my space is less chaotic. I have open spaces and clear surfaces. The items I enjoy seeing can be seen. I no longer panic when the doorbell rings.

And that isn’t all. Less chaos has allowed me to focus on hobbies, like writing! I'm taking risks—things I never could have dreamed of before, like submitting an article for publication. When I don't feel well I can just take time out, and it never takes long to get my home straight again. I put myself first. My priorities have changed with my surroundings. Cleaning is no longer my hobby, and it is certainly not a second job anymore.

Simplifying my life has provided a sense of peace for me and my loved ones. That is, quite frankly, the best gift I could give. I Intend to share my process and experience with as many people as I can, to help others achieve their future lifestyle, their future them. I look forward to carrying on with my own journey, adapting, resetting, and learning along the way, because with this lifestyle, there is no end—no full stop